The Beat Goes On

It’s been 12 weeks since our miscarriage and it’s true what they say, life does ‘go on’ ……. I guess it has to.  I won’t lie and say that the feeling of loss is diminished in any way, because it just isn’t and I honestly don’t think we’ll ever get over losing this pregnancy.  But, like all grief I guess, you do have to find ways to cope and get on with things, because what is the alternative?  The good news is that hubby and I are as strong as ever and continue to support each other throughout this pretty cr@ppy time.

So, how have we been getting on with things?  Well, a couple of weeks ago we went on holiday with my Mum and Dad to Carmarthenshire, Wales.  We stayed in a pretty impressive ‘cottage’ near Llandeilo and we spent our days exploring local National Trust properties, visiting castles and walking with the whippets.  Highlights included watching the Red Kites being fed in Llandeusant, the Dylan Thomas walking trail in Laugharne (Dylan the whippet is named after Dylan Thomas – as well as Bob of course) and seeing the flowers blooming in the National Trust properties.


In the evenings we did what we do best, we drank wine and ate yummy vegan food, as well as playing games and watching The Last Kingdom on Netflix.  We had a great time, it was lovely for hubby to have some time off of work to relax and the weather was pretty kind to us.

Now that we’re home our thoughts are turning to Ride London 2019, “the world’s greatest festival of cycling” apparently where “amateur cyclists …. participate in the Prudential RideLondon-Surrey 100 – a 100-mile challenge on the same closed roads as the professionals” – oh god what have we done!  The ride is on August 4th, 2019 which is 14 weeks from now.  With this in mind we went for our first training ride last weekend, we managed 21 miles on our hybrid bikes (we basically just cycled to the pub and back!).  We were both incredibly stiff after this ride and to say we were a little saddle sore would be an understatement.  We didn’t ride today but if storm Hannah allows we will go tomorrow.  I’ve had a peak at some training plans and they all seem to start at the 16 week mark so, as usual, we’re playing catch-up, but I have been going to Spinning classes for a few weeks now which should help right?!  It is my mission next week to find a beginners training plan which I think we can stick to.

Wish me luck!


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