The downside of volunteering in a school …

I finished my shift at the school on Thursday afternoon feeling quite pleased with myself.  It was my second visit to the school and for some of the children the novelty (of me) had worn off and instead of trying to get my attention by behaving wonderfully they were more interested in testing my boundaries with some rather naughty behaviour!  However, I am pleased with how I responded, being just as ‘strict’ as required but still using the carrot and not the, metaphorical, stick wherever possible.

But, the shine was rubbed off when just a few hours later I felt a scratching on the back of my throat and the beginning of the dreaded sniffles.  I went to bed on Thursday night, hoping that I just needed some rest.  Alas, this was not the case, cue 4 days (and counting) of feeling really very rough indeed, so rough in fact that I doubt I’ll be able to attend school tomorrow for my next shift.  It also means that my Couch 2 5k training has very much been put on hold as I’ve spent most of the lasts 4 days in bed.

I guess this was fairly inevitable as I currently see only a handful of friends and family members and suddenly I threw myself into a melting pot of “children germs”!  Hopefully my immune system will soon get used to the new antibodies that I am coming into contact with – until then pass me the tissues!


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  1. Kelsie Lou says:

    I know the struggle with germs and kiddos. I take multi vitamins and I’m trying black elderberry tablets instead of the flu shot. So far, so good. Look them up if you get a chance.

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    1. I’ll look them up thanks 👍


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