A proper pain in the …..

Whilst I can’t claim to have given up the Christmas cake or the salted peanuts quite yet, I have done rather well at keeping up with my running training over the Christmas period, something I am rather proud about.  Therefore, it is with much wailing and gnashing of teeth that I have to admit that I have picked up a bit of an injury.  This probably happened during my run on Saturday, where I ran for longer than I have in a long time and failed to warm up OR cool down.

I think I have a groin strain and I also have a corresponding pain in my gluteus minimus (I was rather surprised to learn that they did gluteus’s in ‘minimus’ as mine is definitely more a ‘maximus’!).  I have discovered that I need to rest this injury whilst simultaneously keep it moving, because getting up after a long rest is not pleasant.  As well as the annoyance of not being able to train today as planned, I’m also worried about the impact that this will have on the scales on Friday, I find that if I don’t exercise my chances of losing weight are zilcho – as I just plain eat too much for an inactive middle aged woman.

Hey ho, hopefully I will recover quickly,  I am back at school tomorrow (helping them out with a stint of volunteering, but also gaining valuable experience in schools before I – hopefully – start uni in September) and this will be a whole lot easier without a giant pain in my ****!




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